Gas Safe Engineers available for 24-7 emergency callouts in Dartford Kent and surrounding areas

At Jaguar Plumbing, our team is comprised of fully trained and highly experienced Gas Engineers who are dedicated to promptly and efficiently resolving your plumbing and heating issues.

Our skilled engineers possess expertise in servicing all types of domestic and non-domestic commercial central heating systems; System Boilers, Combination Boilers, Condensing Boilers, Pipework, Water Heaters, Immersion heaters, Unvented Hot Water Systems, and Central Heating.

Jaguar Plumbing Gas Safe engineers can provide a wide range of services related to domestic and commercial gas appliances, fittings, and systems.

Our Gas Safe services:

Gas Appliance Installation:
Jaguar Plumbing can safely and correctly install various gas appliances, such as boilers, water heaters, gas cookers, gas fires, and gas stoves. They ensure that the appliances are properly connected, vented, and in compliance with safety regulations.

Gas Appliance Repairs:
If you’re experiencing issues with your gas appliances, our engineers can diagnose the problem and carry out necessary repairs. They have the expertise to identify faults, replace faulty parts, and restore the proper functioning of the appliance.

Gas Boiler Servicing:
Regular servicing of gas boilers is essential to maintain their efficiency, safety, and longevity. Our Gas Safe engineers can perform comprehensive boiler servicing, including cleaning, inspecting, and testing various components. This helps identify potential issues early on and ensures that the boiler operates optimally.

Gas Safety Checks:
Jaguar Plumbing can conduct thorough gas safety checks and inspections in residential and commercial properties. This involves examining gas appliances, pipework, ventilation, and flues to ensure compliance with safety standards. Gas safety checks are crucial for identifying any potential gas leaks or safety hazards.

Gas System Upgrades:
Jaguar Plumbing can advise on and carry out upgrades to your gas heating system to improve efficiency, energy savings, and performance. This may involve installing smart controls, upgrading to a condensing boiler, or retrofitting energy-saving features to existing systems.

Gas Leak Detection and Repair:
If you suspect a gas leak or have detected the smell of gas, it is crucial to contact a Gas Safe engineer immediately. They have the expertise and equipment to detect and locate gas leaks, and they can safely repair or replace any faulty components to prevent further risks.

Gas Safety Certificates:
Jaguar Plumbing can issue Gas Safety Certificates, also known as CP12 certificates, which are legal requirements for landlords and property owners. These certificates confirm that the gas appliances and installations within a property are safe and meet the necessary standards.

Using a Gas Safe heating engineer is crucial for several reasons:

Legal Compliance

Gas work, including heating installations and repairs, is regulated by law to ensure safety. It is illegal for anyone to work on gas appliances or systems unless they are registered with Gas Safe. By using a Gas Safe heating engineer, you can have peace of mind knowing that the work carried out is in compliance with the necessary regulations and standards.


Gas can be dangerous if not handled properly. A Gas Safe heating engineer has the necessary training and qualifications to work safely with gas appliances, fittings, and systems. They understand the potential risks associated with gas and are equipped to minimize those risks, ensuring the safety of your property, occupants, and themselves.

Expertise and Knowledge

Gas Safe heating engineers undergo comprehensive training and assessments to gain the necessary skills and knowledge in gas-related work. They are familiar with a wide range of heating systems and appliances and can accurately diagnose and resolve issues. Their expertise ensures that your heating system operates efficiently and effectively, maximizing its lifespan and minimizing the risk of breakdowns or accidents.

Insurance Coverage

Using a Gas Safe heating engineer often provides additional protection through insurance coverage. Reputable engineers typically have appropriate liability insurance, which offers financial protection in case of any damage or accidents during the course of their work. This provides added security and peace of mind for you as the customer.

Comprehensive Services

Gas Safe heating engineers can provide a range of services, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and safety inspections. They can offer expert advice on energy efficiency, proper ventilation, and system upgrades, helping you make informed decisions regarding your heating system. Their comprehensive services ensure that your heating needs are met efficiently and effectively.



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